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Palworld Map: 10 best Pals to catch early

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Starting your adventure in the world of Palworld can be quite difficult. Your first goal should be to establish a self-sustaining base where you employ Pals. In this article, we tell you which Pals are quite easy to catch at the very beginning of the game and where you can find them.

1. Pengullet

Pangullet is a Pal of two elements – ice and water. It resembles a little blue penguin with a characteristic red mark in the shape of a water drop on its chest. The friendly Pengullet can be found wandering around reservoirs. It has as many as four skills at the first level, thanks to which Pal will help you with watering, cooling, crafting and transport. Pengullets’ ability is Pengullet Cannon which, when activated, fires Pal as ammunition. Places where you will meet Pengullet:

2. Cattiva

Cattiva undoubtedly resembles a small, two-legged cat. It has a thick mustache, a tail, triangular ears and a confident face (unfortunately, in reality it is a very weak and cowardly Pal). Cattiva will run and taunt the player until it runs out of stamina. It can be stunned and knocked out quite easily. Cattiva has several useful skills: Handiwork Lv1, Transporting Lv1, Mining Lv1 and Gatheting Lv1. Analyzing the preliminary information, we can come to the conclusion that Pal will be quite useful in the initial phase of the game, but at the same time he will be a bad partner in combat. Cattiva has an extremely important skill – Cat Helper – which increases the player’s carrying capacity, allowing him to transport more items. A quite likely drop from Cattiva are Red Berries. Places where you will meet Cattiva:

3. Lamball

Lamball is a cute neutral type creature that will probably become your first friend. The two-legged, lamb-like Pal is almost entirely covered with wool and has two orange horns on the top of his head. Lamball moves quite slowly and walking uphill may result in falls, dizziness and the inability to get up. What is certain is that he is quite simple to capture. Pal has three skills – Handiwork Lv1, Transporting Lv1 and Farming Lv1. Its neutral nature means it has no advantage over other Pals, and it is also vulnerable to attacks. Lamball likes to graze on the starting islands in the company of other representatives of this species. When assigned to a ranch, he becomes a reliable source of wool (and if you get hungry, a source of meat too). Places where you will meet Lamball:

4. Chikipi

Chikipi is a neutral Pal that resembles a white chicken. It has an oval body, a yellow beak and orange legs. Chikipi belongs to the group of the weakest Pals, and attacks others only when it is attacked himself. It has two skills at level one – Gathering and Farming. Chikipi assigned to the ranch will be a great source of eggs (and, if you choose to eat it, poultry). Wild Chikipi lay eggs on the ground, which can be easily collected. Places where you will meet Chikipi:

5. Foxparks

Foxparks is a Fire Element Pal that resembles a red-orange fox. It has long ears, a fluffy tail and characteristic flames covering its legs. Foxparks is not very good at controlling fire and can choke on flames. Its sneezes often cause forest fires. This fiery Pal is quite shy and usually runs away when it sees a player. Once you manage to grab it, you can carry it in your hands and treat it like a flashlight. It will definitely be the best Pal to take on night hikes. Foxparks has an ability called Huggy Fire, which transforms him into a flamethrower.

6. Daedream

Daedream is a Dark Element Pal that resembles a dark purple pixie. It has a pair of long ears and pink, wavy hair. It is also characterized by a blue collar and blue horns mounted on its head. Daedream is a nocturnal species, so you won’t encounter it during the day. If it gets hired, it won’t need a bed because never sleeps. Daedream has three skills at the first level – Gathering, Handicraft and Transporting. Its partner skill is Dream Chaser – if you are in the team, he will appear next to you and attack enemies with magic balls. Places where you will meet Daedream:

7. Tanzee

Tanzee is a green Grass Element Pal that has a leaf on its head. He is a very versatile buddy who can cut down trees, plant and harvest plants, and is also good at handicrafts. His secondary ability is Cheery Rifle, which, when activated, allows him to fire an assault rifle. A very likely drop from Tanzee is a mushroom. Places where you will meet Tanzee:

8. Lifmunk

Lifmunk is a cute green buddy who resembles a squirrel. It has a large, fluffy tail, leafy ears, and a large red jewel on its forehead. Pal is quite a useful companion because he has five skills at level one. It will be an invaluable help for you when planting and harvesting plants, cutting down trees, producing medicines or making handicrafts. Lifmunk is not very intelligent, and when he learns to shoot a gun – be careful. There are at least a few cases where Lifmunk killed his master by accident. Pal has an ability that, when activated, allows him to jump on your head and use a submachine gun. Places where you will meet Lifmunk:

9. Vixy

Vixy is a neutral Pal resembling a beige fox. It has large green eyes and a round tail that add a bit of charm to it. Vixy has two skills at the first level – Gathering and Farming. When you assign Vixy to a farm, it will be able to use the partner skill Dig Here! thanks to which it will dig various objects from the ground. Places where you will meet Vixy:

10. Teafant

Teafant is a little buddy that resembles both an elephant and a tea pot. His thin tail with light blue hair and turquoise eyes immediately make us understand that he is the Pale of the Water Element. Teafant has only one skill – Watering Lv1, so it may seem that he is not an interesting choice for players. The Pal is not aggressive and will not attack you if you do not harm it. This buddy’s most important skill is Soothing Shower, which, when activated, soothes wounds and restores the player’s HP. Places where you will meet Teafant:

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