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Vintage Story – a more realistic Minecraft?

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Vintage Story is a sandbox survival game released in 2016 that gives us one goal – to survive in the wilderness. The game is based on a modification for Minecraft, Vintagecraft, created by creators from Anego Studios. To the delight of all Lovecraftian horror fans, the creators decided to create their own project called Vintage Story, which resulted in a really great game!

The Vintage Story game throws us straight into the deep end. Everything was designed to emphasize our difficult situation and the need to survive. In a world full of disruptions, getting food and water is incredibly difficult. While traversing the randomly generated world, you have to be constantly on your guard because a monster may attack you at any time. Once you have created a safe hideout, free from monsters, you will be surprised by a time storm. At each moment of the game, there is a different challenge waiting for you that you must overcome to survive.

Unique crafting system

Vintage Story is a gem for crafts fans. By learning more and more new technologies, we will move from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages! Over time, you will learn to form clay vessels, cast your first metal tools and even forge them in your forge. After creating the right tools and mining materials, you will get the chance to build your first house or even a vast kingdom!

An important aspect of survival is meeting the needs of your character. As you enter this wild world, you will quickly learn to gather raw materials, hunt and grow your first plants. Over time, you will learn the secrets of animal husbandry and appropriate crop rotation. We are sure that in this game you cannot complain about the lack of activities to do.

Mysterious world

Vintage Story offers us an adventure in a diverse, randomly generated world. While traveling through it, you will encounter various biomes and experience the changing seasons. Your character will discover the secrets of this ruined world, which contains elements of a great civilization that you must rebuild. However, it won’t be easy – dangerous time storms await you during the game. During such an event, you will encounter rust-colored fog, strong winds and warping, additionaly dangerous creatures will spawn around you, creating quite a challenge.

To sum up, Vintage Story offers us a lot of good entertainment that is worth experiencing with friends – this will be possible thanks to the servers available here:

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