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ATS or ETS 2 – which version of the game do you choose?

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You start the game as a qualified truck driver without a truck, forced to take up employment with various transport companies. You are slowly collecting funds to buy your first truck and trying to spread your wings. It sounds like an easy task – but is it really? In this article, we will focus on describing the most important mechanics that govern the universe of two popular powerful truck driving simulators – Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

An interesting journey through European countries

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an incredibly addictive simulation game that involves setting up a forwarding company. You will start your adventure like a poor driver who will try to establish a transport empire using only his hands! Initially, you will receive several jobs that involve transporting cargo from point to point. Depending on how much you earn on them, after some time you will be able to purchase your first vehicle. And here the cooler side of the game begins – you will slowly start getting acquainted with different truck models, cabin interiors, workshops, dealerships and centers where you will employ future drivers. The game offers us a huge number of tasks and goals to achieve, which will satisfy the most demanding players. What is certain is that you will not be bored.

The game offers players an extremely realistic approach to gameplay. Depending on where you are transporting your cargo, you will notice changing landscape elements. The creators put a lot of work into ensuring that each visited country replicates real places as best as possible. You will travel on incredibly long highways where you will probably get bored, but also narrow streets where you have to constantly check your mirrors to avoid an accident! During the game, there will be elements such as weather changes, using navigation and even the possibility of receiving a ticket for driving too fast. It is likely that one night, when you are tired of the rain, you will spend some time listening to the local radio. Remember to be especially careful on the road, because you may suddenly be surprised by storms and hail. Once you get there, check if your car is roadworthy and fueled (yes, we’ll take care of that too).

Over time, the game has been enriched with new DLCs that enrich the gameplay with new destinations that you can visit. These include the Balkan and Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Greece, Italy and many more!

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American dream

If you are tired of traveling through European countries, take a seat in the cab of an American truck! Although the map of the American version of the game is slightly smaller, it is waiting for You have almost as much fun. Both versions of the game rely on the same thing, although the creators succeeded brilliantly in changing the climate from European to American. They contributed to creating atmospheric locations, more developed cities and winding seaside paths. Additionally, new details have been added that will help you take even more care of your truck. A new, better gearbox, new mirrors and even an engine will allow us to enjoy the game again. It is worth mentioning the behavior of other road users who will try to give way to you during complicated maneuvers. To sum up, American Truck Simulator makes a very good impression!

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