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How to configure a 7 Days to Die server

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Configuration adapts server to individual needs of the owner and players. A person with access to server files can change almost all parameters, such as maximum number of players, password and many others. Our hosting solutions offer two ways of change server settings. One is the most common way if you need to adjust basic setting of server, this method use pre-created values for server config. Second method use main serverconfig.xml file which regulates most of game server settings.

If you want to configure your 7 Days to Die server follow this guide:

Configure server by pre-defined Startup settings

1. Stop your server

Go to the “Console” tab in your server panel. Click on “Stop” button to stop your server. Making changes on running server may not work unless you restart your server. Configuration values are loaded when server starts.

2. Navigate “Startup” tab and configure your server

“Startup” tab contains the most important parameters of your server. You can change included variables without editing the configuration file. The table below shows all variables you can change in this tab.

VARIABLEConfiguration propertyDEFAULT VALUE
Game DifficultyGameDifficulty2Set game’s difficulty level (range 0-5)
Auto Update1Enable/disable automatic server update, default = ON
Max PlayersServerMaxPlayerCount10Set maximum number of players allowed on your server
Beta BranchInstall beta branch – you must specify a branch release
Telnet PasswordTelnetPasswordSet Telnet password
Server NameServerNamedefault hostnameAssign name for your server
PublicServerVisibility2Make a server public available on the list
Server website URLServerWebsiteURLhttp://servers4gamers.comAssign server website URL
RegionRegionNorthAmericaEastChange server region
LanguageLanguageEnglishEnter the language in which players should communicate on the server
EAC EnabledEACEnabledtrueEnable/disable EasyAntiCheat
Server PasswordServerPasswordSet password for your server
Zombie Day SpeedZombieMove0Set zombie day speed (range 0-4)
Zombie Night SpeedZombieMoveNight3Set zombie night speed (range 0-4)
Zombie Feral SpeedZombieFeralMove3Set zombie feral speed (range 0-4)
Zombie Blood Moon SpeedZombieBMMove3Set zombie blood moon speed (range 0-4)
Max ZombiesMaxSpawnedZombies64Specify maximum number of zombies that can be spawned on the map
Max AnimalsMaxSpawnedAnimals50Specify maximum number of animals that can be spawned on the map
Daylight LengthDayLightLength18Specify how many hours the sun will be shining during game-day
24 Hour CycleDayNightLength60Specify how many real-time minutes will correspond to a game-day
Zombie Feral SenseZombieFeralSense0Set zombie feral sense (range 0-3)
XP MultiplierXPMultiplier100Specify XP gain multiplier (default = 100%)
Player Block DamageBlockDamagePlayer100Specify how much damage do players to blocks (default = 100%)
AI Block DamageBlockDamageAI100Specify how much damage do AIs to blocks (default = 100%)
AI Blood Moon Block DamageBlockDamageAIBM100Specify how much damage do AIs to blocks during blood moons (default = 100%)
Loot AbundanceLootAbundance100Specify loot abundance (default = 100%)
Loot Respawn TimeLootRespawnDays7Specify how often loot will respawn (default = 7 game-days)
Drop On DeathDropOnDeath1Specify what is dropped when a player dies
Drop On QuitDropOnQuit0Specify what is dropped when a player disconnects from the server
Air Drop FrequencyAirDropFrequency72Specify how often airdrop should occur in game (default = 72 game-hours)

3. Restart your server

After all changes you must start your server. Navigate “Console” tab and click on “Start” button to approve all changes you have made.

Configure server by direct change in serverconfig.xml

“Startup” tab contains only some of server variables. If you are not satisfied with the configuration result, you can make some changes in serverconfig.xml file.

How to Edit values in XML server configuration file:

Configuration file for this server is notated in XML objects. To edit this file you need to change a value in a source file.

For example, if you want to change a BlockDamageAI setting on server, you need to edit serverconfig.xml file, and adjust a value property.

After value change, line in file should look like:

Perform configuration changes in configuration file:

1. Stop your server.

Stop your server before take any changes in configuration file. All values from serverconfig.xml file are loaded when server is starting. Making changes when server is running maybe not loaded until you restart server.

2. Locate server configuration file

Follow this path: /home/container/serverconfig.xml to find configuration file.

3. Perform more advanced configuration

serverconfig.xml is the main server configuration file – under each server variable you can find configuration hint (you can also use this page to find necessary information:

How to configure 7 Days to Die server 1

4. Restart your server

After all changes you must start your server. Navigate “Console” tab and click on “Start” button to approve all changes you have made.

If you need any assistance with your 7 Days to Die server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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