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How to configure a Mordhau server

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Configuration adapts server to individual needs of the owner and players. A person with access to server files can change almost all parameters, such as maximum number of players, password and many others.

If you want to configure your Mordhau server follow this guide:

1. Stop your server

Navigate “Console” tab in your server panel. Once you are in this tab, click on “Stop” button to stop your server.

2. Navigate “Startup” tab

“Startup”tab allows you to perform basic configuration of your server. This tab contains the most important parameters of your server which you can change without editing the configuration file. The table below shows all variables you can change in “Startup” tab.

Admin Password password123 Change admin password
Server Password Change server password
Map Grad/FL_Grad Change map/game mode – more information here
Max Players 10 Set maximum number of players allowed on your server
Auto Update ON Enable/disable auto update of your server
Server Name default hostname Assign name for your server

3. Perform more advanced configuration

“Startup” tab contains only few variables. You can configure more advanced parameters in Game.ini file.

Go to the “Files” tab to get access to server files. Follow this path: /home/container/Mordhau/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/Game.ini to find configuration file.

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4. Restart your server

Navigate “Console” tab and click on “Restart” button to restart your server and confirm all changes.


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