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How to connect to an American Truck Simulator server

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This tutorial show how to join a multiplayer Convoy session in American Truck Simulator.
Follow these simple steps to join your American Truck Simulator Convoy:

1. Access the server panel

Open server panel in your favorite browser. Login to server panel with your credentials and navigate to your American Truck Simulator server. You should be redirected to the “Console” tab where you have access to the server control panel.

2. Locate your session ID

If your server is already running, you’ll find your session ID displayed.

Connecting American Truck Simulator server 1

3. Copy your session ID

Copy the numbers that appear before /101. For instance, if the number is 90176284005329933, this is what you need.

4. Launch the American Truck Simulator game on your computer and access Convoys

Launch the American Truck Simulator game on your computer. Login to your profile. Within the pause menu, go to the “Convoys” section.

Connecting American Truck Simulator server 2

5. Search for your server

Paste the session ID you copied earlier into the search bar. Your server should now be visible in the list. Mark your server by click on it and select “Join Convoy” to enter the multiplayer session.

Connecting American Truck Simulator server 3

6. Session information

You’ll see essential information about your session, including the server details and participants. You should see information about your session in the upper horizontal bar:

Connecting American Truck Simulator server 4

Now, you’re all set to hit the virtual American highways with fellow truckers in the multiplayer session. Enjoy your ride!


If you need any assistance with your ATS/ETS2 server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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