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Jump on a submarine in Barotrauma

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Do you dream about underwater adventure on an alien planet? Barotrauma is what you are looking for. The production of FakeFish and Undertow Games studio is a simulation in which you play the role of a member of the crew of a submarine traversing the dark ocean of Jupiter’s distant moon, Europa.

The game’s plot is set in the near future. As a member of a group of adventurers, you escape from Earth to Europa, an irradiated moon of Jupiter. Life here is only possible in the water beneath the frozen surface of the moon. Your task will be to control the ship, explore unknown ruins and perform complex missions. And all this with a large dose of adrenaline because you are surrounded by a very hostile world…

What exactly is barotrauma?

In short, it is an injury or tissue damage resulting from a difference in atmospheric pressure. With a high degree of certainty, this is an injury waiting for you while underwater. The world of Barotrauma is not very friendly, and while traveling through the dark ocean of Europa, you will encounter terrifying monsters. The unpleasant atmosphere created by the cold depths of the ocean is intensified by the claustrophobic ship and the ubiquitous “ugliness” of the game. During the game, you will be accompanied by dark music, rhythmic sonar sounds and the cracking of the metal hull. If you get lost in the ocean repairing a ship, no one will hear your scream. To sum up, you will feel extremely lonely and gloomy during the game.

If you want to play, do so in multiplayer mode!

Barotrauma is designed to be played with other players. In this case, each player can focus on their role, scrupulously following the captain’s orders. The crew consists of a captain, engineer, doctor, security officer and assistant – each role is necessary to survive in this harsh world. Before the game, it is worth reading the tutorial, which will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the tasks performed by our chosen crew member. Players can communicate with each other via the game’s built-in radio. This is a great idea if we are on a ship – otherwise we may lose communication and be in big trouble!

Trouble waiting for you

As you traverse the dark ocean of Europa, you will experience very painful moments, ranging from minor scratches to dangerous bone injuries caused by an encounter with a sea monster. You never know what will happen to you. If you are extremely unlucky, you will end your life crushed by the pressure or suffocate from lack of oxygen. In any case, the medic has his hands full on the submarine.

Build your own ship

Are you bored with the ships available in the game? Build your own! It is true that this is a complicated undertaking that requires a lot of time during planning, but it is worth doing. The game gives us the opportunity to build our own luxurious ship that will give us a lot of satisfaction. Take into account the fact that you have to remember all the important elements – otherwise you will drown right before the first fight with the monsters!

Which mode should I choose?

The game mode you choose depends on the individual needs of you and the people who joined your server. We have four options to choose from: Sandbox, PvP, Mission or Campaign. Sandbox mode involves entering the game world with no specific destination – you and your friends can go on a journey in any direction and do whatever you want. This is a good option to learn the basics of the game. The next mode, PvP, involves two teams competing against each other. Both teams get their ship and their task is to eliminate the enemy crew. Mission mode involves performing tasks of our choosing, such as eliminating monsters, recovering the logbook, delivering the cargo and many more. If you want to play alone (multiplayer is also available), select Campaign. Barotrauma also introduced an additional feature called Traitors. It is available in multiplayer mode and involves sabotaging the game by randomly selected traitors.

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