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Underwater adventure in Subnautica

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Subnautica is an exploration adventure game that will take you on a journey through the sea depths of an alien planet. In short, it allows you to explore various biomes, build ships and fight amazing creatures. The game offers us a day and night mode, the ability to build our own base and the ability to take care of our character’s needs, such as hunger, health or thirst. This is one of the better survival games of recent years.

Tragic beginnings

The game’s action starts quite brutally. As (probably) the only survivor of a space disaster, you find yourself on an alien planet almost entirely covered with water. The only safe place is your pod from where you can see the burning hull of your ship, the Aurora. You have no idea what lurks beneath the shallow water. The beginning of the game is probably the worst nightmare for a person suffering from abyssophobia, a panic fear of the sea abyss. Drifting in the vast ocean, not knowing how many kilometers the bottom is below us, is not the only thing that can terrify you. Sometimes, while crossing the depths of the sea at night, you will hear the terrifying roar of huge sea monsters… At that moment you realize that you have to start fighting for survival.

The first task you will perform is to jump into the ocean teeming with marine life. There you will find basic resources that will help you survive the first difficult days. After a short “walk”, you will find underwater mineral deposits and meet completely new species of sea creatures. Some of them will want to devour you on a relaxing journey through kelp forests or vast underwater cave systems. You are undoubtedly lower down the food chain on this planet.

The crafting system in Subnautica is extensive but simple. Players have the opportunity to collect resources from the ocean floor and build vast naval bases, vehicles or items. The game provides us with a huge number of recipes that will allow you to create everything necessary for survival, from food to batteries.

Multiplayer mode

Officially, there is no multiplayer mode for Subnautica. Playing with friends is possible thanks to the hard work of the game’s fan community, which created a mod enabling multiplayer gameplay. To play multiplayer you need to follow a few steps, starting with installing Nitrox Mod.

Amazing gaming experience

While exploring the underwater lands of Subnautica, we balance on the verge of fascination and terror. The game encourages detailed examination of each element of flora and fauna, which still arouses interest due to its mystery. An amazing plot, seemingly an addition to exploration, could be material for a great sci-fi novel. At each stage of the game we will find abandoned (by whom?) places full of mysterious tablets. All this, together with amazing graphics and sounds, creates a coherent whole that encourages fun.

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