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How to connect to a Valheim server

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To join a Valheim server, you can use two main methods. The first one is to search for a server directly in the list of available servers in the game, which allows you to quickly and easily join the selected world. Alternatively, you can also use the Steam search engine, where by entering the server’s IP address, you will be able to easily join a Valheim game session. Follow the guide below to learn how to do this.


Connecting Valheim server through Steam:

1. Go to the “Servers” section

Open Steam app and search for a “View” tab – below you will find the “Servers” option.

How to connect Valheim 1

2. Add your Valheim server to favorites

Once you have clicked on “Servers” tab, you should be redirected to the new floating window. Go to the “Favorites” tab and click on “+” button to add your server to the list.

How to connect Valheim 2

3. Enter server address

Once you have clicked on “+” button, you should see a place where you need to type in your IP and port.

If you can not find your server, try to type in PORT+1 (if your port is 78300 just replace it with 78301).

How to connect Valheim 3

4. Connect to your Valheim server

Now, your server should be visible on the server list. Click on the server bar and select “Connect” button.

How to connect Valheim 4


How to connect Valheim directly through in-game server browser:

1. Launch Valheim game

2. In the main menu select “START GAME” button

How to connect Valheim 5

3. Select character

After clicking on “START GAME” button you will be redirected to the place where you can choose from characters. Select the character and click on “Start” button.

How to connect Valheim 6

4. Go to the “Community” tab

Now, you should see a server browser. Select “Join Game” tab, then go to the “Community” tab. Here, you can freely search for servers by typing in hostname.

How to connect Valheim 7

5. Join your server

Type in your hostname into server browser. Your should see your server on the list after maximum 1-2 minutes. Click on server bar and select “Connect”.

How to connect Valheim 8


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