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How to enable/disable cheats on an Unturned server

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Cheats have their pros and cons. They can make the game easier by eliminating difficulties and challenges during the game and also allow you to experiment with different types of weapons, items or vehicles. Some players believe that cheats distort the gameplay experience and take away satisfaction that comes from overcoming various difficulties while fighting zombies. If you are a fan of making the game easier by using cheats, use our guide to learn how to enable them on your Unturned server.


Follow this steps to know how enable cheats on your Unturned server:

1. Go to server panel and navigate “Files” tab

2. Navigate Commands.dat file

Follow this path to search for Commands.dat file: /home/container/Servers/Default/Server

3. Open file and paste appropriate code sample

Type in following code sample into Commands.dat file


4. Approve changes

Click on the “SAVE CONTENT” button in the right bottom corner to confirm the changes.

5. Restart your server

Navigate “Console” tab in server panel and click on “Restart” button.

Now cheats should be enabled.

What to do if you want to disable cheats:

1. Navigate Commands.dat file

2. Delete “Cheats” line

3. Click on “SAVE CONTENT” button to approve changes

4. Restart your server by clicking on “Restart” button in the “Console” tab


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