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How to install mods on an Unturned server

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If you want to enhance your Unturned gaming experience by adding mods to your server, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Find the mod in Steam Workshop

Start by visiting the Steam Workshop and browse for the Unturned mod you want to install.

2. Copy the mod’s URL

Right-click on the empty area in your steam browser and copy the URL of the mod’s Steam Workshop page.

How to install Unturned mods 1

3. Locate the mod ID

After pasting the URL into your browser, you will be directed to the mod’s page. Here, you can find the mod ID in the URL. Make sure to copy this mod ID.

How to install Unturned mods 2

4. Locate Workshop configuration file

Access game panel, and navigate to the ‘Files’ tab. Look for the directory /home/container/Servers/Default. Inside this directory, you should find a file named WorkshopDownloadConfig.json

How to install Unturned map 3

5. Edit the WorkshopDownloadConfig.json File

Open the ‘WorkshopDownloadConfig.json’ file. Inside the file, you’ll see a section of code that looks like this:

How to install Unturned mods 4

You’ll be modifying the “File_IDs” section to add the mods you desire. Paste the Mod IDs you copied from the Steam Workshop page into this section. If you’re adding more than one mod, make sure to separate each ID with a comma (except for the last one), and ensure that each ID is on a separate line.

6. Add Mods ID

Your WorkshopDownloadConfig.json should now look something like this:

How to install Unturned mods 5

With few more mods example:

How to install Unturned mods 6

"File_IDs": [     123456789,     987654321,     // Add more mod IDs here ]

7. Save Your Changes

After adding the Mod IDs, click on the ‘Save Content’ button located in the bottom right corner of the WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file to confirm your changes.

How to install Unturned mods 7

8. Restart Your Server

To apply the newly added mods, restart your Unturned server. Your server will now run with the mods you’ve selected, enhancing your gameplay experience. Go to “Console” tab and restart your server.


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