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Palworld Map: 10 best Pals to catch early

Starting your adventure in the world of Palworld can be quite difficult. Your first goal should be to establish a self-sustaining base where you employ Pals. In this article, we tell you which Pals are quite easy to catch at the very beginning of the game and where you can find them. 1. Pengullet Pangullet […]

Panel Overview

This tutorial explains panel functions and so on. Servers – in this tab you can browse your servers. Console – in this tab we can see informations about server (server status, server address, port, amount of resources used in real time: CPU, RAM, Disc), stop/restart server and see informations about amount of players in real […]

Startup Overview

‘Startup’ tab contains individual server variables (not all) to make it easier for users to quickly configure without editing configuration file. In this tab you will find most important variables such as GSLT, password, RCON password, server name, map, max players, game mode and many more! Remember to restart your server after any variable changes. […]

How to wipe a Rust server

Rust allows server owners to reset the server from time to time. It is possible to perform automatic cleanup of map data, blueprint data or both in scheduled interval. There are 3 kinds of rust wipes: Map Wipe – wipe performed on most servers which removes structures, houses and furniture from the map. Map Wipe […]

How to use Server tab

In server tab you can see list of your servers. Server bar shows a lot of information. Example server bar: Most information like server address, CPU usage, memory usage, disc usage are available in the console tab. Server bar shows you also: 1. Server name and hostname 2. Player counter 3. Server state (green when […]

How to use Schedule tab

If you want to create a new recurring event, click ‘Create Schedule’. Enter the name and define the period of occurrence (for example: the screenshot event will be executed every 5 minutes). You can choose if you want the event to start immediately after approval by ‘Create Schedule’ – choose enabled/disabled. Such a bar should […]

How to upload Valheim Plus plugins

Plugins allow you to significantly expand the capabilities of your Valheim Plus server. Thanks to them, administrators can adjust various server parameters, adapting it to the individual needs of the most demanding players. Plugins add new content, presenting completely new challenges and adventures for players. In this guide, you will learn how to upload plugins […]

How to upload custom map on a Rust server

Custom maps are a great solution for more demanding server owners who want to have control over biomes and monuments! Read this guide to learn how to upload custom map to your Rust server: 1. Stop your server Go to the server panel and find your Rust server on the list. After clicking on Rust […]