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How to turn on crossplay on a Valheim server

Valheim is a survival game set in the world of Nordic mythology. Valheim servers are a fantastic place where players can join forces and discover the charms of the Nordic world together. The crossplay feature can connect players even more – thanks to it, players on different platforms can use the same server! In this […]

How to spawn items on an Unturned server

In this article we will show you how to spawn items, vehicles and animals on your server! If you want to spawn vehicle for yourself, press J to open console and paste this: /vehicle [Vehicle ID] If you want to spawn vehicle for somebody, press J to open console and paste this: /vehicle [Steam ID] […]

How to reset your world in 7 Days to Die Server

At anytime, you may feel the need to reset your world in 7 Days to Die. This could be due to a desire to embark on a new journey, or perhaps dissatisfaction with your initial spawn point. The good news is that resetting your server’s world is a straightforward process. You have the option to […]

How to remove player from a Minecraft server

There are many reasons why you may want to remove a player from your server, such as violating server rules, inappropriate behavior, inactivity or PvP abuse. As an administrator of your server, you have full control over who is playing on it and you can kick someone off your server temporarily or permanently. In this […]

How to pair Rust+ with a Rust server

Rust+ is the official mobile application created by Pacepunch Studios, the creators of the Rust game. Thanks to it, you can monitor events on the server 24 hours a day, including the status of your characters and base, receive notifications about in-game events and much more. With Rust+ you can stay up to date even […]

How to install Rocketmod plugins on an Unturned server

Follow this guide to know how to install Rocketmod plugins on your Unturned server: 1. Go to the “Files” tab in your server panel 2. Search for “Plugins” directory Follow this path to have access to “Plugins” directory:/home/container/Servers/Default/Rocket/Plugins 3. Search for plugin you want to install on your server You can find Rocketmod Plugins here: […]

How to install mods on an Unturned server

If you want to enhance your Unturned gaming experience by adding mods to your server, follow this step-by-step guide: 1. Find the mod in Steam Workshop Start by visiting the Steam Workshop and browse for the Unturned mod you want to install. 2. Copy the mod’s URL Right-click on the empty area in your steam […]

How to install mods on an Insurgency: Sandstorm server

If you want to add modifications to your Insurgency: Sandstorm server, you can find them on website. Follow this steps to install in on your server: 1. Log in to website. Setting up a new account with e-mail is not required, you can log in via platforms such as Steam, Facebook or Google. […]

How to install mods on an ARK server

Installing modifications on ARK server allows you to adapt it to the individual needs of players. Modifications have many positive sides and enrich our gameplay with new content, and in addition, some of them improve the performance of our servers. This guide contains two methods by which you can install modifications on your server. First […]