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How to configure a Team Fortress 2 server

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The Team Fortress 2 server has many unique server parameters that can be changed. The administrator can adapt them to the players’ needs, for example by changing the map or installing modifications. Our game server panel has a “Startup” tab, where you can quickly set the server password, administrator password, time limit for one map or the region in which you are located. Read the steps below to learn how to easily modify your Team Fortress 2 server.

How to modify team Fortress 2 server variables:

1. Stop Team Fortress 2 server

Go to the game server panel and select “Console” tab – here you can click on “Stop” button to stop your game server.

2. Change basic variables of server

In the table below we have listed all the variables that you can easily change in the “Startup” tab. These changes do not require you to change the main configuration file.

Map cp_dustbowl Change server map
Server Name default hostname Assign name for your server
Max Players 10 Set maximum number of players allowed on your server
Time Limit 25 Set game time per map (in minutes)
Contact Email Set server admin e-mail address
Admin Password password Set admin password
Auto Team Balance 1 0 = off, 1 = forcibly switch, 2 = ask volunteers
Voice Enable ON Enable/disable voice communications
Region -1 Select region for your server (-1 = world, 0 = USA East Coast, 1 = USA West Coast, 2 = South America, 3 = Europe, 4 = Asia, 5 = Australia, 6 = Middle East, 7= Africa)
Visible Max Players -1 Choose how many slots you want to show on the server list (the real number of slots will be the same as in Max Players)
Server Password Set server password
Game Server Login Token Set GSLT to make your server visible on the server list

NOTE: If you don’t know where to get the Game Server Login Token use our guide.

3. Change more advanced server elements

The changes made in the configuration tab were not enough? Go to the “Files” tab to access the files of your Team Fortress 2 server. The main configuration file can be found here: /home/container/tf/cfg/server.cfg

4. Start Team Fortress 2 server

Go to the “Console” tab where you can start your server with “Start” button.


Have you successfully completed your server setup? It’s time to have fun! In this guide you will learn how to connect to your team Fortress 2 server.

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