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How to create token for a Team Fortress 2 server

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Game Server Login Token is necessary for your server to be visible on the server list. You can enter it in the “Startup” tab in our game server panel. In this guide you will learn how to generate a token for your Team Fortress 2 server.


How to create Game Server Login Token for Team Fortress 2 server:

1. Open Steam platform and check if you have filled in your contact details

If you want to generate a token, you must enter a phone number in your Steam account settings (account details -> contact info -> “Add a phone number”).

2. Create Team fortress 2 server token

First, you need to follow this link and login on your Steam account.

Enter the details:

– App ID = ID of the game (440 for Team Fortress 2)

– Memo = any name that will help you verify which game the selected token belongs to

When you are done you should receive your “Game Server Login Token” code. 

Your code should look like this (each 0 will be replaced with your unique code):

sv_setsteamaccount “00000000000000000000000000000000”

3. Add Game Server Login Token to your server

Open game server panel website in your browser and login. Once you have found your Team Fortress 2 server on the list, you should be redirected to the “Console” tab. Here, you need to stop your server with “Stop” button.

When your server is stopped, go to the “Startup” tab. Copy your code and paste it into “Game Server Login Token”.

Come back to the “Console” tab and restart your server – everything should work now.

How to create Team Fortress 2 token


Have you finished setting up? Time to have fun! In this guide you will learn how to join a Team Fortress 2 server!

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