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How to configure a Vintage Story server

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Configuration adapts server to individual needs of the owner and players. A person with access to server files can change almost all parameters, such as maximum number of players, password and many others.

If you want to configure your Vintage Story server follow this guide:

1. Stop your server

Go to the “Console” tab in your server panel. Clock on “Stop” button to stop your server.

2. Navigate “Startup” tab and configure your server

“Startup” tab contains the most important parameters of your server. You can change included variables without editing the configuration file. The table below shows all variables you can change in this tab.

Start options Start options variable allows you to add additional arguments to the startup command line
Release version latest Release version variable allows you to change server version. After changing the version, you must reinstall the server with the option to delete all files
Max Players 16 Max Players variable sets maximum number of players allowed on the server
Release branch stable Release branch variable allows you to change server branch (stable, unstable, pre)
Hostname default hostname Hostname variable allows you to change server name
Server Description Server Description variable sets server description visible before joinning it
Welcome Message Welcome on my server! This option sets a welcome message for players that is visible in the chat window
Server Password The server password variable will allow you to set a password if you want your server to remain private
PvP Enabled ON This option will allows you to switch the server between PvP and PvE (default = PvP)
Fire Spread ON Fire Spread variable allows you to enable/disable fire spread (default = enabled)
Falling Blocks ON Falling Blocks variable allows you to enable/disable falling blocks (default = enabled)

3. Perform more advanced configuration

If you are not satisfied with the results of the changes made in the “Startup” tab, you can freely edit the server configuration file. To do this, go to the “Files” tab in the server panel. Once you have access to the files, follow this path to find the configuration file: /home/container/data/serverconfig.json

4. Restart your server

Once the configuration is complete, you can restart your server. Go to the “Console” tab and click on the “Restart” button.

NOTE: After changing the version of the Vintage Story server, it is necessary to reinstall the server. Please backup your server if you may need to revert changes. After taking backup, please go to the “Settings” tab, then click on the “Reinstall Server” button. Select the checkbox that deletes all files and confirm reinstallation.

NOTE: The server loads the current save file during startup. The world settings you edit may appear invisible until the server generates a new world from scratch. After editing the world configuration, it is advisable to delete existing world saves or change their names so that the current save is not loaded when the server starts. Go to the “Files” tab and delete all files contained in this folder: /home/container/date/Saves


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