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How to configure an Unturned server

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Configuration of Unturned server allows you to adapt gameplay to individual needs of server owner and players. A person with administrator rights can change server parameters such as map, password, map or even game mode. The configuration will allow you to maintain privacy and introduce your own rules on your server.

If you want to configure your Unturned server follow this guide:

1. Stop your server

Go to server panel and select “Console” tab. Click on the “Stop” button to stop your server.

2. Navigate “Startup” tab

Once you have verified your server is turned off, you can begin configuring your server. “Startup” tab contains most important parameters of Unturned server.

You can configure this variables without editing the configuration file. The table below shows all variables you can change in ‘Startup’ tab.

Server Namedefault hostnameAssign name for your server
Game Server Login TokenType in GSLT for your server (without GSLT nobody will be able to connect server or see it on server list)
Max Players10Set maximum amount of players allowed on your server
MapPEIChange server map
Game ModeNormalChange difficulty level of your server (you can set easy, normal or hard game mode)
Welcome MessageHello!Set welcome message
PasswordSet password
PerspectiveFirstSet perspective view on your server (you can set first, third, vehicle or both view)
Server List DescriptionSpecify a short description of your server that will be visible on the server list
Full DescriptionSpecify full description of your server
Hint DescriptionSpecify hint description of your server that will be visible under server hostname

3. Perform more advanced configuration

If variables contained in “Startup” tab are insufficient and you want to perform more advanced configuration, go to “Files” in server panel. Follow this path : /home/container/Servers/Default and navigate Config.json file. Config.json is the main configuration file of Unturned server that allows you to fine-tune gameplay to your needs.

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4. Restart server

After all changes you need to restart your server. Go to “Console” tab in server panel and click on “Restart” button. Restarting your server will make all changes take effect.

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